In light of the COVID-19 situation, we will be implementing a new procedure starting Thursday April 2, 2020 and continue this procedure till further notice. (Note, food banks are considered an “essential service” under the Stay at Home orders from the AZ Governor.)


We will no longer have clients enter our food bank.

Instead, you can show your elgibility indentification to the volunteer through the glass on the front door and then we will bring a cart with food outside to you at the double doors.

When you have gathered your food, push the empty cart back to the food bank double doors.

Thank you for your understanding at this unique time of coronavirus concern.


Please tap onthe glass of the front door and a volunteer will come out with a cart to accept your donation.

Thank you for your understanding at this unique time of coronavirus concern.

During business hours, when the door is locked, please tap on the front door and a volunteer will respond.


For volunteers who check client eligibility, please leave the front doors locked and view the Dr’s license and mail documentation through the glass of the front window. No need for a signature on the paperwork at this time. We can write in the signature line “waived due to COVID-19.”

The food cart will then be prepared as usual. If there are food items in the “Self-Help” area, you can add them to the cart.

Then unlock the door and push the cart of food through the door to the sidewalk allowing the client to come get their food and put in their vehicle. Return to the food bank and relock the door. The client should return the cart outside the doors.

Once the client has left the empty cart you can unlock the door and retrieve the cart (relock the door) and wipe it down before moving it to the back area for use again.

Feel free to wear masks and gloves. Feel free to wipe down door handles and light switches to help minimize germs.

Thank you so much for your volunteer work for the food bank! We appreciate your help so much!